Investigative Reporter, Gregory Ciola, Interviews Colloidal Mineral Manufacturer Jonathan Glauser

Jonathan Glauser from Mountain Wellbeing is the manufacturer of a unique product called Nano Colloidal Copper. He makes this product in a skin toner spray that you can use on your face or other parts of your body, and also in a Copper Face and Body Cream.

GC: Jonathan, tell our audience what Colloidal Copper is and why this is something that anyone that is concerned about facial health should be interested in learning more.

JG: Colloidal copper is a suspension of copper in purified water. I make it with 7500 volts of AC current., I run electricity through copper electrodes while they’re under water and circulate the water. That’s the simple explanation of how it’s made.

GC: How did you find out about copper being beneficial for skin health?

JG: It’s great for the skin. I started with colloidal silver, and that had amazing benefits. That led me to colloidal gold, which led me to colloidal copper. A lot of companies that make colloidal copper market it for internal use. I don’t do that because you can get too much copper internally and throw off your copper-zinc balance. Copper has impressive benefits for the skin. After learning how beneficial it was, I began making a colloidal copper version for skin use only.

The colloidal copper skin toner is in a spray bottle. You mist it on the skin and apply copper topically; it has lots of benefits. The main thing it does is it stimulates collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycans in the skin. It thickens and tightens the skin, helps to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, acts as a potent antioxidant for the skin, gives the skin a nice healthy glow, and it also helps the skin to retain moisture.

There’s also what’s known as copper-dependent enzymes in the dermal layer. There are about thirteen copper-dependent enzymes in the skin, and their job is to repair, restore, rejuvenate, and beautify the skin; make it healthier and better-looking. When you apply copper to the skin, it activates those enzymes to go to work and do their job which is to restore the skin’s health.

GC: There’s an interesting story that you have on copper that you told me about. You said that it dates back thousands of years. Tell us about that.

JG: The fact that copper beautifies the skin has been known for thousands of years. Over two thousand years ago, Cleopatra and other women of royalty made their own secret beautifying creams and lotions, and they would use copper powder. How they knew that copper beautified the skin I don’t know, but they did. Copper was their secret ingredient. They used copper powder in their own homemade concoctions to beautify the skin. They purposely kept it a secret because they wanted to be the most beautiful women of the land and they didn’t want anybody else to know about it.

The colloidal copper we use today contains much more copper than could obtain because we have modern technology that they didn’t have. The particle size of colloidal copper is over a thousand times smaller than a human blood cell. These very tiny copper particles are going to do a much better job than the copper powder they were using back then. They were taking copper and grinding it into a powder, which worked, but the particle size was enormous compared to what you find in colloidal copper today.

If you go on the internet and type in copper facial creams, you’ll see a whole lot on the market. Most of them are copper peptide creams that sell between $50 and $100. Some of them are well over $100 an ounce. What I make is a liquid colloidal copper. We also make a colloidal copper facial cream that contains nano copper. Each sells for a little over $20 for 4-ounces. That’s a great bargain compared to these other versions. It works really well. We probably get more testimonials from the copper products than anything else because it beautifies the skin.

GC: When you say most of the copper products are peptides, what’s the difference between a peptide and nano-colloidal copper?

JG: Peptide copper is a process where they bind the copper to peptides (a form of protein). Colloidal copper, on the other hand, is just purified water and the purest form of copper you can get which is 99.9% pure. There’s nothing else added to it. The copper is colloidal. Our bodies are colloidal. Our bodies recognize other colloidal minerals, and the body can very easily utilize it. Dr. Joel Wallach, who produced Dead Doctors Don’t Lie, suggested that people that were thinking about getting Botox should look to a colloidal copper supplement instead. It’s cheaper, it’s safer, and it works better.

GC: When you say that a nano-colloidal copper particle size is smaller than the human cells, isn’t that something that your body would absorb through the skin and get into the bloodstream, almost as a copper supplement in addition to what it does on the skin?

JG: Absolutely, yes. You get some of the copper that you put on the skin into the body, but when you apply it topically, there’s really no risk of getting too much copper into the body because the skin utilizes the majority of the copper. We’ve only had one complaint about our copper products over the years we’ve been making them. It was an older woman who had all white hair. She started using the copper toner on her face, and I guess some of it was getting into her system and maybe she was spraying it on the scalp, I’m not sure. Her complaint was that she had this beautiful head of white hair and it was going back to salt and pepper. Sagging skin, gray hair, varicose veins, all of these things are signs of copper deficiency, so her body was getting more copper, and her gray hair was turning back to her darker color, and she didn’t like that. She liked having the head of all white hair.

GC: Let’s talk about the two different copper products that you make. We sell them both through our company. You have the skin toner which is the water-based spray that you can just spray on, and then you have the cream. How do you recommend using them and is one more beneficial than another?

JG: Well, those that want the most benefit from the copper will use both. What you would want to do is wash your face first. After you wash your face, spray on the copper toner. Let that air dry. Once it dries, then you can put on the copper cream. If you’re like me, I don’t like to put any cream or lotion on my face, so I just stick to the toner. I just mist it on. Those that just want to use one or the other, I tell them if they use a facial cream, and they just want to use one or the other I would go for the facial cream. We get amazing testimonies from it; it works really well. If you want the best benefits, use them both. It’s good to use them a couple of times a day. The most important time of day to use copper is at night before bed. Your skin does its most healing at night while we’re sleeping. It’s good to use it morning and night, you can use it in the middle of the day as well, but make sure to use it at night because that’s the most critical time.

GC: You are talking about spraying it on the face, but you can use it for other areas of the body too, correct?

JG: A lot of people like to use it on their upper chest. You can use it on your legs or any part of the body. It quickly reduces fine lines and wrinkles within a day or two, certainly less than a week’s time. Over a longer period, I’m talking weeks and months, we’ve had testimonials that it reduces age spots, varicose veins, things like that.

I’ve had at least two or three different testimonials from people saying that it dramatically reduced their poison ivy. I had no idea of that, but I’ve used it on myself once, because I heard those testimonials, and it significantly reduced poison ivy. It seems to help with burns, I tend to use colloidal silver more for burns, but copper is helpful for burns as well. Tammy, the girl that works here, swears that it helps prevent sunburns. She uses it when she’s out in the sun because she doesn’t like to use sunscreen. I don’t market it as that purpose, but as far as poison ivy it actually reduces it before your eyes.

GC: Is anyone contraindicated to copper?

JG: No, unless somebody had a copper allergy, which I’ve not heard. I’m not saying it’s not possible, but that would be the only caution.

Copper is known as the workhorse mineral. It’s found in every organ of the body. It’s necessary for life. We literally could not live without it. That’s why I doubt anybody’s really allergic to copper because we literally could not live without it. A lot of people think that colloidal silver and colloidal copper are heavy metals. Why would we want those heavy metals? Well, certain heavy metals like copper, iron, zinc, and others, we couldn’t live without. It’s the form that the copper’s in, and the colloidal form is the form that the body recognizes and utilizes.

GC: Well, Jonathan, I appreciate your time and all your valuable information.

JG: Thank you, Greg.

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Author: Gregory Ciola

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