If you want to be encouraged if your health is being challenged then this powerful interview with Investigative Reporter Greg Ciola and Audra Elena is well worth your time. Audra suffered from a horrible debilitating illness that robbed 20 years of her life. Unable to get the medical help she needed after seeing one specialist after another, she was eventually written off for death. Some of the things Audra dealt with during this challenge were daily seizures, migraine headaches, total body pain, no energy, and parasitic infection. She had to have a hysterectomoy and numerous other body parts cut out. All of this changed when Audra got a hold of some deep spiritual truths about how important it is to speak life as we were commanded to in the scriptures. In addition to that Audra was introduced to a cutting-edge line of nutritional supplements that she credits to her recovery. Now at 38 this woman is a complete picture of health. She is vibrant, excited, full of life and committed to sharing her testimony with others. If you or your loved ones are struggling with lost health then do yourself a favor and watch this testimonial video. It will encourage you and maybe even offer you a pathway back to whole body health.


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