Investigative Reporter, Gregory Ciola, Interviews Jonathan Glauser About His Superior Silver Products

Colloidal silver can have a profound impact on challenging health issues. Silver is used as a preventative and direct treatment for a variety of health problems. Hundreds of companies sell colloidal silver, and you can readily purchase home generators on the Internet to make silver. There are many debates about which silver works best and which company has the best silver. Quite honestly, there is a sea of confusion because every company seems to have a convincing story that makes you believe that they have a superior product. To help sort through the maze, Gregory Ciola interviewed Jonathan Glauser from Mountain Wellbeing.

Jonathan’s company has been making an extremely high-quality version of colloidal silver for almost fifteen years. He knows the ins and outs of the silver business better than just about anyone else. The following interview will help shed some much-needed light on the subject.

GC: Jonathan, you are well aware of the statements about silver such as, “Mine is better, mine is the best, his isn’t, his is bad, mine is higher potency.” How does the average person make sense out of all of this?

JG: That’s a great question. I get that all the time. Colloidal silver is probably the industry with the most disinformation and misinformation that I’ve come across. The misinformation is a lot of users and other companies that don’t have their facts straight. The disinformation is coming from sources that don’t want us to use it, that have a financial gain for you to not use colloidal silver.

Colloidal silver is affordable, it’s over the counter, you can have it on hand, and you could save yourself from going to the doctor many times. When I first start to get a sore throat, and it’s not feeling quite right, I’ll start taking colloidal silver. I’ll take an ounce. I hold it under my tongue for as long as possible. The longer, the better. If my throat’s sore, I’ll gargle with it, and then swallow. Then I usually take about a teaspoon to a tablespoon every hour or sometimes even every half hour for the rest of the day, and nine times out of ten it just knocks it right out, and I stay well.

There’s an effort to keep people away from it. They use scare tactics talking about Argyria, which is the discoloration of the skin, which never happened from colloidal silver. It’s always from silver compounds which have very large particles of silver. Then there’s the misinformation about ionic is bad, or ionic is better, or particles are better. There’s a lot of misinformation out there.

All silver is good. Particle size is the number one factor in the safety and the effectiveness of colloidal silver. The silver ions are what do the work. They have the actual antimicrobial properties to them. Silver particles are excellent as well, because they release silver ions, and they work more, they have a longer residual effect on the body, they work a little bit longer. But it’s the silver ions that do the job.

So, anybody that’s out there saying silver ions are wrong, only particulate silver products are good, that’s complete misinformation. Anyone out there saying colloidal silver is dangerous, and you shouldn’t use it, stay away from it, that’s just intentional disinformation. If it’s made correctly, and the particle size is as small as it should be, which is over a thousand times smaller than a human blood cell, it’s safe and effective to use. You can even use it on a daily basis if needed. I use it as needed. During the cold and flu season, I do take a little bit every day as a preventative measure. The rest of the year I just use it as I need it. But if it’s made correctly and the particle size is tiny, it is a safe and effective supplement; one of the safest natural products on the market.

GC: You touched on Argyria, the blue man or Papa Smurf guy that has freaked a lot of people out and scared them from using silver. What would somebody want to look to avoid, is it the home generators that they promote that are causing these problems? How would someone turn blue, and is it from years of doing it and taking too much?

JG: Argyria, which is also known as the discoloration of the skin, only happens from silver compounds. If somebody’s making it at home, maybe their generator is not high quality. Maybe their water is not high quality. Whatever is in the water is going to react with silver.


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To make the best colloidal silver you must have pure water with nothing in it. Sometimes distilled water is not even pure. When I first started making colloidal silver 15 years ago, I started with distilled water. I’d go to the store and buy 3 gallons of distilled water. I would test each one with a meter, and the same brands on the same shelf at the same store would be radically different. One would be 0.5 which is acceptable; the next one would be 1.5 which is not very good. Whatever is in the water is going to react with the silver. If you have pure water and good technology like we use, you’re going to have high quality, pure, safe colloidal silver every time. If you have impurities in the water, you’re going to be forming all kinds of silver compounds.

The thing that all silver compounds have in common is very large particles of silver. A lot of people when they’re making it at home, they want to speed up the process by adding sea salt to the water. Instead of taking hours, it might just take minutes to make the silver, but what they don’t realize is they’re forming silver chloride, which is a silver compound. Argyria forms from taking silver compounds in large quantities over an extended period. If you screw up once or twice or a few times, you’re not going to get Argyria, but, if you take properly made colloidal silver, the particle size is over a 1,000 times smaller than a human blood cell. That small particle travels throughout the body quickly, and most importantly, is eliminated on a continuous basis.

You take a silver compound, which has very large particles of silver compared to colloidal silver, the body cannot excrete them. The best thing the body knows to do in that case is to deposit those particles in the skin. It’s the next best solution. Over an extended period of time of depositing silver into the skin can cause a build-up where when you go out into the sun, and react like a photograph. You actually change colors. Very easily preventable. It has never happened from properly made colloidal silver. It has been used as a scare tactic to keep people from using it. They parade these blue people on Good Morning America for the shock effect.

GC: Yeah, it freaks everybody out.

JG: All these big national TV shows just scare people. The most important thing to remember is that if it’s made correctly and you have small particles of silver, it’s safe, it’s eliminated on a continuous basis. If I were to drink colloidal silver right now, that was made by me, no matter how much I took, within 48 hours, all of that colloidal silver is out of the body.

GC: Let me ask you this then because this is another big selling point but also a point of controversy in the silver market; that the higher parts per million makes a big difference. I sold a silver product from Natural Path Silver Wings. They have two different versions, one that is 250 ppm, and another that is 500 ppm. Theoretically, if silver works great at 10-15 ppm, then 500 ppm is going to work far better. If you have some complicated health challenges, it’s going to make a big difference. Is there any truth to that, and if not what’s the big difference between those types of silvers and what you make?

JG: Well, with colloidal silver less is more. The industry standard is 10 ppm. The reason for that is because the particle size is the most important thing. Once you get to about the mid-twenties, you know 24-25 ppm, you reach a point of saturation. Even though you have lots of tiny particles of silver, if you try to add any more silver to that solution, you’re going to reach the saturation point. You’re going to pass the saturation point where you’re going to agglomeration, where all these tiny particles are going to want to group together and form larger particles.

It’s better to take more of a lower concentration than to take less of higher concentration. Higher concentration is great for the skin. When I make a topical gel, I make it to 50 ppm. That’s great for the skin, but for internal use, you don’t want to go much over the mid-twenties. I always make my batches up to 20 ppm. My label says 15 ppm, that’s the guaranteed minimum. The reason is I have the technology that can produce 20 ppm while keeping the particle size just as small as if I made it at ten. That’s why I make it a little stronger.


Colloidal silver that’s in the 200-500 ppm range, sometimes even up to 5,000 ppm range is almost always going to be a mild silver protein. The way you can tell is if you take the bottle, shake it vigorously, and see if any foam persists. If it does, there’s a protein in it. Those products are not as effective because they have a protein coating the outside of the silver particles. The protein inhibits the silver from coming into contact with the pathogens that you’re trying to address. If you shake the bottle and there’s no foam that persists or bubbles that persist for five seconds or less, you don’t have protein.

The analogy is kind of like tying a balloon to a brick. Particles of silver in mild silver protein products are so large that they would sink to the bottom of the bottle and no longer be colloidal without the added protein. They may add the protein to keep the silver suspended. There have been mild silver protein bottles of silver that have tested for bacteria in the bottle. Bacteria is living in the bottle because all the silver is encapsulated with the protein. Those products are not the superior form of colloidal silver. I don’t find them safe. They’re the color of iced tea or darker. I like my colloidal silver to be clear. That shows me that there’s nothing added to it and the particle size is as small as it can be. If it starts to get to the pale yellow color, that’s still acceptable, it’s not quite as good, but it’s still acceptable. Anything darker than a pale yellow, in my opinion, is not safe for internal use, because of the particle size.

GC: I don’t want to break down all the major national brands, but in the silver market there are a couple of key players. There’s Sovereign Silver, and then there’s the American Biotech Labs ASAP Silver. What’s the difference between what they’re doing versus what you’re doing?

JG: Well, Sovereign Silver produces their silver very similarly to the way I make it. I think they say 95-97% ions. That’s an ionic silver. There’s not one that’s 100% ions or 100% particles. You’re always going to have particles no matter what form it is. It’s usually going to be primarily one over the other, but you’re never going to have a 100% particles or a 100% ions.

Sovereign Silver has the largest market share. It’s a good brand, it’s one I trust and one I would use myself internally, but their price is about twice as much as what I sell my silver for. I think it’s over inflated. It is a good product.

I’ve been to some stores that sell my product, and they sell Sovereign Silver too. I brought in an extra bottle of silver and said let’s take these into a dark room. Pick one bottle at random. We went into a dark room with Sovereign Silver and my silver. Before we turned the lights out, we poured the silver into a shot glass. I stuck my meter in mine, and it said 15 point something x. I stuck my meter in Sovereign Silver; it said 9.8, and theirs is supposed to be 10. Then we turned the lights out and I shined a laser beam through my silver and their silver. The Tyndall effect is when the light reflects off particles, and you see a beam of light. When I shined the laser beam through each of the silvers, the laser beam through mine was very faint which shows the very small particle size. When I shined it through Sovereign Silver, it was a much darker laser beam liquid, which shows a larger particle size.

It shows that even though mine is a higher concentration, it has a smaller particle size than theirs which is a lower concentration. I’m not bashing their product. Theirs is one of the only ones on the market that I would personally feel comfortable ingesting myself. Most of the other ones I would not. Again, you want your colloidal silver to be clear. Theirs is generally clear. There is a slight tint of yellow, but for all intents and purposes, it was clear. I’m not as familiar with American Biotech Labs. I believe theirs is clear. Again, if it’s a clear colloidal silver, I would feel safe ingesting it.

You want your colloidal silver to have no other ingredients, just silver, and water. There’s no need to add anything else. If you make it with the electro non-chemical way, which is the way we make it, the electrolysis process keeps the particles suspended. If you store it properly, they should stay suspended for over a decade. I have some that’s thirteen years old, and it’s still stable. You can still test it with a meter; you can still shine a laser beam through it, and it is still stable with no sediment on the bottom. Storing it properly means keeping it out of direct light and at room temperature. There’s no need to put it in the refrigerator. You want to keep your colloids away from strong electromagnetic frequencies like computers or appliances. A pantry or a medicine cabinet is ideal.

GC: Do you have any parting comments?

JG: I just want to convey to people that colloidal silver, when made properly, is a safe product. I wouldn’t want to be without it. I keep some in my medicine cabinet. I have it everywhere. I’ve used it on my dogs, I’ve used it on myself, it’s safe to use in the eyes when diluted. It’s safe to use in the ears, the sinuses; it’s great for healing the skin. A lot of people don’t realize how great silver is for healing skin. It’s the number one skin healer known to man. Every burn ward in the country has silver bandages, silver creams, silver lotions, silver ointments because silver is the number one thing to heal the skin.

I learned about this in Dr. Robert O. Becker’s book Body Electric. He explains that silver speeds up the healing of the skin by over 50%. When you cut your skin, the skin cells that are responsible for healing are called fibroblast cells. Their job is to put the skin back together. When you see scar tissue what you’re seeing is that the fibroblast cells did the job to put the skin back together. You take that same fresh cut, and you spray silver on it, or apply silver gel, or keep silver on it in some way, that silver is going to stimulate those cells to convert into stem cells. Stem cells heal much more quickly, and they put the skin back together exactly the way it used to look, with little or no scarring.

GC: We sell your silver liquid and gel. It’s great, so anyone looking to protect themselves or their family, especially during the cold and flu season, or for topical use, or if you’re a prepper preparing for natural disasters, get a hold of this stuff.

JG: Absolutely. I teach classes on how to use colloidal silver for emergency preparedness. A lot of people don’t realize that you can sterilize water with it. If you had an emergency situation and the only water you could get was a stream or a creek, and you weren’t sure it was safe to drink, you could take a gallon of water, an ounce of colloidal silver, add it to that gallon, shake it up well, let it sit for ten minutes, and you’re going to have sterile water.

It’s not going to take away chemical pollutants, but it’s going to take care of any microbial in the water. It will disinfect the water. You can also use it for preserving food. Whenever I can, I always add a little silver, a teaspoon to a tablespoon of colloidal silver per quart jar of canned food. I still can with a pressure cooker like I normally would, but that’s an added insurance having the silver in there. If you’re putting water away for storage, you don’t need to use an ounce per gallon, maybe a quarter of that amount. It will keep the water preserved if you’re storing it in tanks or buckets or whatever for emergency preparedness. If you’re storing root vegetables in your root cellar, you can take the roots, spray them with colloidal silver, let them dry, then you can store them in your root cellar, and they’re going to have a much longer storage life.

GC: Wow. That’s all good information. I appreciate you sharing all of this valuable information, Jonathan.

JG: Thank you, Greg.

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Author: Gregory Ciola

Gregory Ciola began his publishing career in the year 2000 when he released a ground breaking book on the dangers of genetic engineering. The book’s title was, “GMOs – Beware of the Coming Food Apocalypse!”. Gregory Ciola was one of the first biotech whistle blowers in the natural food industry to alert the public to what was happening to a majority of our foods. Ciola also began publishing a hard-hitting national newsletter in 2001 called “CRUSADOR” that was renamed in 2015 to “The Investigator’s Report”. He is best known for his in-depth interviews with well known book authors and leading health experts.

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