An Amazing Story of Recovery From 20 Years of Disease

Investigative Reporter, Greg Ciola, Interviews Audra Elena

Over the years publishing this newspaper I have come across a lot of interesting people. One of them is Audra Elena. Audra started ordering our top selling product Temple Cleanse about three years ago. Over the course of time speaking to her as she would call in to place orders, I had the opportunity to learn more about her personal story and how close she came to death’s door. Today she is healthy, passionate and full of life. Audra was written off for dead by her doctors. Her case seemed hopeless. Her incredible story is a powerful testimony about how the LORD intervened and played a major part in her recovery.

I had the privilege of interviewing Audra recently so we could make a YouTube video. I believe that Audra’s journey from sickness to health will encourage a lot of our readers because of how rampant disease is today. Below is an edited transcript of our interview.

Greg:  Audra, welcome to the show. Thank you for giving me this time to interview you.

Audra: Thank you so much for having me. I’m honored to be here to tell my story.

Greg: You got very sick at 18 years old. Give our audience an overview of what happened to you because I think that this is quite a fascinating story.

Audra:  Sure. When I was 18 years old, I went on a trip to the Bahamas. I was pretty fortunate to be able to do that. It was my first cruise, and I was excited. It was an unusual temperature that year. I didn’t know that, but I went to the beach at night, and while I was on the beach I was bitten by bugs. I was swarmed and bitten over a hundred times. I had never been sick a day in my life until five days from those bites. I began to have seizures. That began a whole process in our family. I’m 38 now, so this was 20 years ago. It was very unusual, to say the least for an 18-year old seemingly healthy young lady to just suddenly have seizures.

We began to go and seek medical treatment. We went to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina which is a very renowned university. After much testing, they realized that I had lesions on my brain. If they didn’t tell me I was crazy, they told me I had MS. You know how that goes. Because of the lesions, they said, “We feel like this is MS, but we still have to wait it out to get a confirmed diagnosis, so you’re just going have to deal with it.”

They started trying to manage the symptoms of the seizures, and that wasn’t successful. At first, the seizures were the only thing happening. However, day after day new symptoms would add upon symptoms. There was fatigue, sleep issues, and eating issues. Then there were blood pressure problems, heart issues, and eventually pain; very widespread pain.

We’re a couple of years into this, and I would just like to say that at the same time I lost my insurance. We switched insurance, and we were in that 30-day waiting period. This all occurred at that time, so by the time that I went to the hospital, and they saw all these things, I was ineligible to get any coverage. My family began to struggle financially because of that.

Just a little background on my family. I grew up on the road, kind of like the Partridge Family. We traveled around the country in a bus over 300 days a year singing Christian music. We sang all of my life for a living together as a family. As all of this was occurring, we still had to do that. We were truly thinking that we were going to get some help from the medical community. What we found two and three years into it was we weren’t. I had a seizure every day. I had to be carried to the restroom. I couldn’t drive anymore. I just debilitated at a very young age.

As that process went on, I eventually became disabled through the state of North Carolina in 2001. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, possibly lupus, irritable bowel, tachycardia, etc. I realized very quickly that the cure for what I needed wasn’t where I was searching. I went to Duke University. As a last-ditch effort, I went to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. While I was at the Mayo Clinic, they never took a drop of blood from me. They put a Holter Monitor on, took some urine, and did an EEG that I had done before. They took me in a room and they said with certainty that the reason that I was in the state that I was, and they saw 20 girls a week like me, is because I needed to be put in the hospital and enter hypnosis to figure out who raped me because that’s where everything was coming from.

I will tell you, Greg, at that point I was done. Emotionally things were continuing to get worse, and I was not able to eat. There were just so many things that were happening, and I thought, “That’s the Mayo Clinic.”

My family had gone bankrupt because we were paying out of pocket to do these things. We knew that the answer was out there, but we just didn’t know where to go to get it, and I just wanted to survive long enough to find it, honestly.

About ten years ago I found a doctor in Oklahoma named Dr. Paul Harris. He’s been a blessing to me in my life. He began to do some intense digging. He found definite gluten sensitivities and other things. He sat me down, and this is very important, and I never tell my story without saying this, and he said, “Audra, I want to talk about emotional things.”

I said, “Whoa, whoa, whoa! No thank you. I’m not interested in that.”

He said, “Well, it affects everything. Everything has a frequency whether you like it or you don’t. I want to know who you think you are. In your mind’s eyes, what do you see?”

I didn’t even hesitate, and I said, “Well, I’m sick.” And he said, “Well, then you are.” And I said, “What?”

He goes, “Listen, I see the test, I see the manifestations,” that the head guy at St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma took. He told Dr. Harris, “Leave her alone; she’s going to die.”

And he said, “No, get on a plane and get here.” Those are the words that he spoke to me. He said, “Let me tell you something, I see the data that you’re not making anything up, but if you truly believe in your heart that you’re sick and that you’re going to die then you’re going to die no matter what I do.”

Greg: Wow.

Audra: I said, “Well you need to tell me how to change that because that’s not what I want.” He said, “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.” And he said, “Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word. And part of this has to do with what you say coming out of your mouth that you hear and that you believe in your heart.”

At that minute, I decided I was going to live until I die instead of dying while I lived. I was so used to every doctor saying, you’re going to die, and I had spent all this effort trying not to die. I wasn’t living.

So, I took that. I continued to learn about how this body works and how this machine that the Creator created works, what it takes, the fuel that it takes, and I did my best and so did so many people in putting together the right protocol to make that work and it just didn’t. But in my mind, I was living above it. I was still in pain every day dealing with the same thing. I had two small children at the time, which was a miracle in itself. I had suffered three miscarriages, and just the miracle of even having children is whole other story.

Anyway, four years ago I had been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis. It had gotten to the point that I was going to Wake Forest every week for installations into your bladder because that was the only way to control the pain of it. They did surgery on my bladder; they did a hysterectomy, appendectomy, tonsillectomy, they started taking everything out.

I also contracted some sort of bacteria that they couldn’t identify. My spleen began to be very swollen, and it stuck out of me. My heart was having issues. My dad came over, and he sat next to me, and he said, “Audra, I was reading in the Scriptures that the life of the flesh is in the blood.” He said, “Honey, you have death in your blood, and we have to figure out why and what to do about it.”

An hour later a friend of ours from Tennessee called and said, “I’m sitting here with a doctor who works with live blood, and I thought about Audra, and I just had to call you today.” And daddy said, “Well you know what? Not funny but we were just talking about that. Get her an appointment.” So he did.

I thought so little of that appointment.  It was a four-hour drive for me. I took a friend. I wouldn’t even take my parents. They had been to so many doctor’s appointments that I was just like, “No, don’t worry about it, I’ll go to this one.” The doctor put my blood under a very powerful microscope, took eight drops of my blood and began to look at it. She realized very quickly that I had a terrible parasite. She saw eight full grown adults in one drop of my blood and larva in the cell. She said the red blood cells were so degraded that she had seen cadaver blood look better. And she point-blank said, “Your faith is the only reason that you’re walking around today because medically I don’t see life in your blood at all.”

Greg: Wow.

Audra: I said, “Well, what do we do?” She said, “We’re going to fix it.” I said, “Okay, how do we fix it?” She handed me this green bottle and these sachets. All she said was, “You put this in your water, you shake it up, and you drink four of those a day to start out with, and you take this right here.” It was a palladium-based alpha lipoic acid compound. That’s all she said. I didn’t know what was happening.

Let me rewind to in between all of this happening. The toxic load of those parasites and what they left behind became too much for my heart, and I suffered a heart attack in March of 2014.

Lots of stuff was going on, but I began to do those things, and in my studies, as you well know, I learned that disease cannot live in an alkaline environment. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I also knew that our bodies were at least 70% water. The other parts were minerals. Those were just fun facts. I thought all water was created equal. I didn’t drink tap water, I just drank bottled water, and I thought I was doing the right thing. I came to learn that the two things that we don’t make in these bodies are water and minerals.

What I learned months later from the makers of this product is that it held 72 trace minerals that came from coral. They were the same spectral signature as our bones. When these minerals get put into the water and agitated it breaks apart the H2O molecules. Most H2O water is too big to fit into the cell. What this product did was it made the water wetter. It made the molecules smaller, and then it infused those 72 minerals right into the blood cell. It made it to where it could go into my blood and began that life-giving process. I didn’t learn about that until about seven or eight months later.

My dad went to Virginia where the company was based, which is Xooma Worldwide. They took his blood, and he saw the differences that it made in a very short amount of time. He came home, and he said, “We’ve got this all wrong. Everything that we’re drinking is without life, and the foundation of who we are is water and minerals. We have to have those in the correct order.”

In between that time, I met you, Greg, by phone. I had never even seen your face until today through this video. I began to research Temple Cleanse because for almost 20 years I had such trouble in that area and such pain and heartache. I had colitis and different issues in the bowel. I had also learned that 70% of our immune system is in our gut. It has a direct relationship between our gut and our brain.

Somehow, I found Temple Cleanse. I’m a huge proponent of this product. It has helped me so much. I began to take it, and it took away so much stress as a result of being constipated. I would go days constipated, with all these intestinal related problems. For the three and a half years that I began doing the regimen that I’m doing, which included Temple Cleanse, the alpha lipoic acid compound, the X2O water, and this product called Focus Up which has a lot of brain foods in it; that helped my immune system start communicating with the rest of my body.

It’s like your immune system is in a dark room, and there’s a bat flying around and you have a broom. Your immune system is trying hard, it knows there’s a bat in that room, but it can’t see it. Focus Up, and the things that are in there have turned that light on so that my immune system can target what it needs to target at the same time being foundationally upheld by the water and the minerals.

Periodically over the last three and a half years about every six months I’ll have my blood tested again. There was always an improvement, but it was still bad. You don’t spend almost 20-years in a condition with the pharmaceuticals that I’ve had with body parts removed and just snap your fingers, and everything is perfect. In March of this year, I had my blood tested, and I want to tell you, it’s perfect.

Greg: That’s amazing!

Audra:  It’s perfect. You have to be a very healthy teenager to keep up with the pace that I live in my life now. I began to take ballroom dance lessons. Now I’m a ballroom dance teacher. I continue to sing. I have two wonderful young children from mine and others that are on their way into my life. I’m able to expand who I take care of now. I’m very physically active.

As long as I laid in that bed, I thought, “What’s the purpose of my life? What’s the purpose of somebody rolling me down the hall to the restroom and my children coming by my bedside and me looking out that window right there and watching them play, and I couldn’t do it with them? What’s the purpose in all of that?”

I will say it’s hope, it’s restoration, it’s math, it’s perfection, it’s orchestration, it’s the way that our Creator created these amazing machines that if you give them the right things that they can regenerate and heal. And my soul and my spirit had to do that first. That greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world mentality had to take over while my body was still failing me. And then that rose to meet where my spirit was. So now I feel a very whole approach, and I feel very passionate that my experience over the last 20 years has not been in vain.

Greg: That’s an incredible story. I appreciate you sharing that with us. Let me ask you this. When you said you got bit by a bunch of bugs when you were on vacation, what kind of bugs were they?

Audra: Well, that’s what was interesting. It was pitch dark on the beach, and so all I knew was that when they bit me, they hurt. I was swarmed, and it left marks for over two weeks. I couldn’t shave my legs or anything for several weeks after. I wasn’t sure of what it was, if it was a biting fly or if it was just a huge mosquito at that point. That was something that always had stuck in my mind. But when they did the live blood analysis, the parasite that they categorized was malaria.

I do have some pictures, and it would make sense because my spleen was sticking out and that’s something that happens with malaria. People have said, “Well, how did you live that long with it?”

A lot of these natural remedies that I was doing were keeping it at bay. However, I went into menopause from the hysterectomy. I began to take hormones. A lot of those are made with bovine serum and things like that. Not knowing that I had that type of parasite that I was trying to keep under control it caused it to reproduce very quickly. I was feeding it the wrong things, and that manifested itself.  I don’t have interstitial cystitis any longer. My spleen took about a year and a half before it stopped being swollen. I honestly feel Greg that just in the past eight or nine months that I can say I’m at that homeostasis of where I want to be to continue. Let me tell you another thing. You don’t spend this much time being ill and not have ramifications in your body and weakened places in your body. I am not suggesting that I can cure or any of those kinds of things. I have to walk a very faithful line with the regimen that I stay on every day. If I lapse in that, then there are consequences for me. I don’t have the reserves that other people have. This is the rest of my life, and gladly it’ll be the rest of my life to take care of what my soul resides in while I walk this earth. Hopefully, my story can help others to live more fully.

Greg: You touched on something that was very important. You said the doctor in Oklahoma enlightened you to how important the words that you speak are. When you got the diagnosis from this guy in Oklahoma he said, “Do you want to live or do you want to die?” I know in this world today it seems upside down and backward to say that you can speak things like disease away, yet we know from the Scriptures it says that in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Jesus is the living Word, and we are created in his image.  We know that the words that we speak have power, they have life, and they can bring healing. I think that’s one of the biggest things, and that’s why you’re still here today. Even though there are supplements and natural remedies, and I agree that we have to do everything we can with these bodies to take care of them, by giving them the right water, minerals, and nutrition, but the words that we speak, how important is that? If people can get a hold of speaking life over their body, and speaking things out of your body, commanding things to be gone in the name of Jesus, that you take no ownership over it, that seems to be the highlight of this interview.

Audra: Absolutely! It was interesting what you just said – taking ownership. A lot of times you’ll walk around, and I did this, I would say, “My chronic fatigue syndrome, my heart attack.” Well, they’re not mine. That’s not who I am. That’s just what happened to the vehicle that I walk around in. That’s not my identity. When I started realizing that that was a separate thing, it changes everything, and it changes everything in every relationship, not just the relationship that I have with my body but the relationship that goes forth to my family and how I train the children to speak life. We’re so used to negativity and creating a victim kind of mindset. I did that, and I thought that that was what you did. I didn’t know any different. And now I have tools that say differently. All of those things work together.  The knowledge is the biggest thing. The Scripture says we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and rulers of darkness in high places. And my thought is I’ve never seen a principality or power walking down the street. What are they, what does that mean? What I came to understand is those things in your head that you hear that sound like you that are talking and saying, “You’re not good enough, you’re sick, you’re this, you’re that,” they aren’t in agreement with the kingdom that I want to stay in agreement with.

I say that everything that has occurred in my life has been ordained so that I could understand very intimately, and then communicate that clearly to whomever I come across. But those principalities and powers, we make an agreement with that voice in our head. “Well, you’re not pretty,” or, “You look old today,” or, “You’re not as smart as that person over there.” You immediately decide if that’s true and how I measure that now is I say, “Would my heavenly Father say that to me?”

Greg: No!

Audra: He wouldn’t. Then that’s not what I accept in my spirit, and I began speaking that out loud. I would say when those thoughts came, “I don’t accept that. That’s not who I am; I am loved.” He said when He created me it was good. He said I was the apple of His eye and He said by His stripes I am healed. And he also talks about knowledge. He’s given me knowledge on the spiritual, on the emotional, and then on the physical. All of those things, one without the other, is just one without the other.

Greg: Spirit, soul, and body, right? It’s Scriptural. All three of them are connected.

Audra: Very much so.

Greg: I’ll tell you, looking at you I would never know that you went through 20 years of living hell and that you almost died numerous times. You’ve had all these body parts cut out. If somebody saw you, they’d be like, “Wow, look at that girl, she’s fit, healthy, vibrant, full of life.” What an amazing testimonial. That’s why I wanted to interview you. I’m sure it’s going to encourage others.

Audra: Well I pray so. I’d love to talk to any one of them. You can get in touch with me. I have an email address.  You can reach me at Email me. There are a lot of different things on the market that we know, but sometimes I felt like we were throwing things at the wall and hoping something sticks. It’s great to have a resource of people like Greg and like myself who have lived, who understand, who make it their life’s work to equip you with tools. I would love to speak with anyone of you, please email me, and I will get back to you and help you in any way I’m supposed to.

Greg: I appreciate your time Audra. That was a great interview.

Audra:  Thank you. Thank you for all that you do. You’re amazing! You’ve helped me in so many ways. You keep rocking that Temple Cleanse. I’m telling you, more and more every day five or six people, they call and are like, “Oh, that Temple Cleanse is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Greg: That’s one of our best-selling products. I’ve had it on the market for about 14 years. I have hundreds of customers like you that say the same thing. They can’t live without it. They order it regularly.

Audra: We’ve got to eliminate, we’ve got to hydrate, we’ve got to be alkaline, and we’ve got to have ourselves communicate, and then we’ve got to speak life. There’s our prescription for the day.

Greg: Awesome. Well God bless you, I appreciate everything.

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