According to our own US NIH more than one-third of all Americans take dietary supplements and of that, almost one-sixth of all purchases of dietary supplements and 40% of all sales are vitamin and mineral supplements. Just in the United States in 2014 estimated sales totaled $36.7 billion. Out of those figures, $5.7 billion was for multivitamin-mineral supplements.


The public at large is being massively deceived by multivitamins and minerals. Most people are falling for deceptive marketing campaigns and have no idea what to look for. Here are some of the main things that make a big difference:

1. Are the vitamins natural or synthetic?
2. Are the minerals high quality and bioavailable or do they contain the cheap inorganic forms that have inferior bioavailability?
3. Is the product a tablet, capsule, liquid or powder and why does liquid and powder nutrition work far better?
4. Is there any research or studies on the various ingredients used in the formula?
5. Does the product contain binders, fillers, artificial flavors, artificial ingredients, corn syrup, or other components that you don’t want in your formula?
6. Is the product priced fairly or are you being ripped off?
7. Would this be a product you would take and recommend to others?

Watch this video about our new formula here.


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