If you are looking for a safe, natural alternative to long-term use of OTC drugs and nasal sprays, then it’s time you give organic sulfur a try. We have written extensively about the importance of adding organic sulfur to your diet, and many of our readers have followed that advice with astounding results. Organic sulfur, also known as Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), is a foundational mineral needed to build, repair, rejuvenate, nourish, and cleanse the cells of your body.

Use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers are blocking sulfur and many other vital nutrients from being taken up from the soil and brought into the plants. The refining and processing of foods is stripping whatever nutrition is left out. We are also undergoing a toxic assault with chemicals in our air, water, and food. The result is an entire planet of toxic, nutrient deficient sick people.

Sulfur does not act as an anti-histamine substance that inhibits histamine production. Its effectiveness is due to its ability to Breath Clear Againblock the receptivity of histamine in the sensitive tissue of the mucous membranes of nasal passages. This process is believed to prevent the histamine from creating the inflammation, swelling, and fluid build-up that can come with allergies and sinus problems. Organic Sulfur also helps to rid the body of Candida, a fungus notorious for contributing to sinus and allergy problems.


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Author: Gregory Ciola

Gregory Ciola began his publishing career in the year 2000 when he released a ground breaking book on the dangers of genetic engineering. The book’s title was, “GMOs – Beware of the Coming Food Apocalypse!”. Gregory Ciola was one of the first biotech whistle blowers in the natural food industry to alert the public to what was happening to a majority of our foods. Ciola also began publishing a hard-hitting national newsletter in 2001 called “CRUSADOR” that was renamed in 2015 to “The Investigator’s Report”. He is best known for his in-depth interviews with well known book authors and leading health experts.

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