Scientists are beginning to make an association between environmental estrogens and a number of health problems such as hormone imbalances, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and endocrine problems. These potent chemicals are also referred to as estrogenic compounds and xenoestrogens. The reason why environmental estrogens are so dangerous is a result of them mimicking natural estrogen hormones in the body.

Estrogen is a female hormone present in both males and females, and plays an important role in regulating metabolism and sexual development. An over-abundance of estrogen, however, has been shown to be carcinogenic as well as cause genetic defects. Environmental estrogens come from many different sources such as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, plastics, insect repellent, hair products, soaps, cosmetics, detergents, surfactants, household cleaners and pharmaceutical drugs just to name a few. Scientists tell us that our bodies can retain chemical estrogens in fat and body tissue for decades.

Environmental estrogens also block the production of androgens (powerful male sex hormones). Perhaps this is why the sperm counts of males are now falling dramatically around the world. Some of the suspected chemicals containing synthetic estrogen compounds are phthalates, alkyphenols, Bisphenol A, organochlorine pesticides and dioxins. Phthalates, for example, are a large group of chemical compounds used in the production of plastics, household articles (detergents, cleaners etc.), packages, cosmetics, and plant pesticides. Recent scientific data indicates some may be mutagenic, cancer-causing, and adversely affect male sperm.”

There is new overwhelming data linking common household cleaners to such serious illnesses as Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Asthma, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, and even Cancer.

An Environmental Protection Agency survey concluded that indoor air is 3 to 70 times more polluted than outside air. Numerous EPA studies have shown that children exposed to the toxic chemicals in household cleaners can develop learning disorders including but not limited to ADD and ADHD. Long-term exposure to the toxic chemicals in everyday cleaners can also cause damage to the liver, kidneys, nervous system, and respiratory tract.

More than 72,000 synthetic chemicals have been produced since 1942 and are in widespread use today. Of these chemicals, less than 2% have ever been tested for toxicity, birth defects, or their mutagenic or carcinogenic effects. It’s time we learned what the large chemical manufacturers aren’t telling us. If we start using organic products now, instead of the cancer causing cleaners we’ve been using, maybe in the next ten years we will see cancer rates drop. There is no cure for cancer; prevention is by far the best remedy.

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Author: Gregory Ciola

Gregory Ciola began his publishing career in the year 2000 when he released a ground breaking book on the dangers of genetic engineering. The book’s title was, “GMOs – Beware of the Coming Food Apocalypse!”. Gregory Ciola was one of the first biotech whistle blowers in the natural food industry to alert the public to what was happening to a majority of our foods. Ciola also began publishing a hard-hitting national newsletter in 2001 called “CRUSADOR” that was renamed in 2015 to “The Investigator’s Report”. He is best known for his in-depth interviews with well known book authors and leading health experts.

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